Get Started - Follow these four easy steps to get your Professional Chillifire Hotspot


Get a Supported Router and load our firmware

To operate a hotspot, you need a router, which will run the hotspot software and connects to our hotspot management server. You may already own a router that is compatible with our software. Have a look below, we provided direct links for the most popular models. You can look for other supported models in our forum. You will see we support a lot more models and manufacturers.

Downloading our software is free and there is no set-up fee or licensing charge for you - ever. Instructions how to load the software on a compatible router are easy, step-by-step with lots of pictures to guide you through.

To make thinsgas easy as possible for you we have provided you with a video tutorial that shows you the installation of the Chillifire firmware by example of a Linksys WRT54GL router

This is all to hard and you would prefer to order a hotspot router that just works 'out of the box'?
No problem.Contact us for a quote.

Would you like to ...get some support?