Solution in Detail - Free-Access Hotspots

Create Your Own Free-Access Hotspot Service Today!

On this page we give you a detailed overview of our Free-Access Hotspot option. Although this may seem like a lot of detail, read on to discover just how a Chillifire hotspot solution can benefit your business
Testing Chillifire is free and carries no obligation. Take our system for a test drive and

Use Your Hotspot to Advertise Your Business

  • When people connect to your Hotspot, they are redirected automatically to your hotspot login page (also called a splash page). Your hotspot comes with a number of built-in splash page designs to choose from. These design as are also known as 'skins'. You can choose from one of standard skins or you can customise your own.
  • You can customize all skins further to include your logo, images, marketing messages, instructions, etc. You can link your own banners to advertise your own or others' services. You can also redirect users to your own page hosted on your server before or after login (or both).
  • You can determine which information is collected on registration to a free-access voucher. This could be email address, mobile phone number, name etc. This is useful if you wish to keep the contact details of your customers current and on record.
  • Consider the Wifi signal is not confined to your own location but is generally broadcasted beyond your location, extending the reach of this marketing channel into the immediate neighbourhood.
  • All these options are invaluable in creating a hotspot that is basically an advertisement and marketing channel for your goods or services.

Use Access Plans to Control Access to Free-Access Hotspots

  • You can decide how you control the hotspot users' access to the internet, preventing abuse but also enticing your hotspot users to return to your business location frequently.
  • You can set a time by which the access expires, set data usage limits, throttle the speed to something that will not allow a single users to hog your entire connection, you can redirect users to your own homepage after logon, and log them out automatically after a period of inactivity.
  • To prevent abuse of the Free-Access hotspot, you can set a renewal period of your choice. Hotspot users can create a free hotspot user only once within that renewal period.

Limiting access to patrons of your business

  • To limit usage to your business customers only you can set a hotspot password which has to be entered on registration. This is particularly useful within club rooms, hotel rooms, airline lounges or comparable sites with limited access to the public.
  • You can limit the accesses further with vouchers. You can tie the vouchers to consumption within your restaurant, nights in your hotel, etc. The voucher codes are unique, and they are valid only for a given period that you can set as you wish, for example, 30 minutes to an hour. This way you can avoid patrons using your hotspot for an entire day on the back of one coffee order.

Voucher Creation and Printing

  • When you subscribe to a hotspot Free-Access service, you can create vouchers as you require them.
  • On the creation of vouchers in the Chillifire Control Panel our system creates high quality PDF files and sends them to you via email for printing.
  • You will also receive the codes in CSV format. These codes can be used for import into your own graphics program with your own voucher printing design, or for import into a hotel or cafe management system so you can print the codes onto receipts.

Establish a Positive Identity Using SMS

  • When users purchase access via a payment gateway like PayPal ,their identity can be established through their payment gateway account or the credit card used. However, when no credit card or payment gateway is used (for example for vouchers access) then no positive identity can be established.
  • Chillifire is the only hotspot service that provides the ability to deliver the password required to login through SMS messages. The mobile phone number establishes a positive identity of the user which cannot be falsified.
  • SMS messages can be sent regardless of where your hotspot is located and regardless of where the mobile phone that is to receive the SMS message originates from. We charge a low standard cost of US$ 0.10 regardless of your location and regardless of your hotspot customer's origin.

SMS Provides Another Opportunity to Market Your Business

  • You can add your own messages to the SMS containing the login details, providing another marketing channel for your business.

Provide Better Support to Your Hotspot Customers With SMS

  • The problem: While Chillifire will attempt to login users automatically on the device the internet access was purchased on (e.g. a laptop), long term hotspot users may wish to use their login on other devices(e.g. a 3G mobile phone).
    The solution: When activated, the system will send an SMS message to your hotspot customer with their login details including username and password. The SMS message with the login details will reduce support messages requesting login details.
  • The Problem: A user having issues logging into the hotspot is hard to provide support to, as they are not yet logged in to the internet and have no email access. Typical support via email is therefore difficult to provide.
    The solution: Collect the mobile phone number of your hotspot customer on the hotspot support request form, and respond to your customer's support request via SMS message at the same low cost rate of US$ 0.10 per message.

What Do You Need to Start a Hotspot?

  • A broadband Internet connection
    Our system is compatible with all common Internet connections such as DSL/ADSL/VDSL, Cable or Mobile 3G connections.
  • A compatible wireless router
    You can choose from a variety of compatible routers including LinkSys, D-Link, EnGenius, Buffalo, Netgear, TP-Link, Trendnet and others. In addition to these consumer grade routers we also support such ISP solutions as Ubiquiti and Mikrotik router boards.
    View our knowledge database for a detailed list of compatible routers

Set Up Your Own Hotspot in No Time At All

No Investment Cost, No Long Term Commitments

  • No setup or software licensing fees!
    Creating an account and trying out our system is absolutely free. You'll get up to 90% of end user income.
    Read more about Revenue Sharing
  • No computer required to operate your hotspot(s)
    Our solution is very cost effective as a router is the only piece of hardware needed at the hotspot location (no computer required). . Our software runs on your router and connects to our server via the Internet .
  • Still all too hard? No time to check it out?
    No worries. You can order a Hotspot-out-of-the-Box and all you need to do is plug the router into a power socket and plug it to your Internet connection. Done.

Create Your Own Hotspot to Suit Your Business

  • A Chillifire hotspot is your hotspot and you can customize it to look and behave how you want it. You can set pricing, change logos, include images, insert your own texts, insert HTML code, switch on or off functions and modules, change the layout, skin and colour scheme completely - whatever it takes to personalise your own hotspot

Create Your Own Access Plans With Your Own Pricing Structure

  • You can define any validity period (1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 month, etc.) and set bandwidth and traffic limits
  • You can set the access to expire after the selected validity period (no matter how long the user effectively stays connected), or users can pause time and reuse it later
  • If you have more than one hotspot location, you can create sub-accounts and create different access plans and pricing plans to suit the individual location.

Turn Functions On or Off

  • You can turn off the Pre-Paid Voucher module if you don't sell Pre-Paid vouchers at your location.
  • You can turn the credit card module off if you don't want to accept automatic credit card payments.
  • You can turn on or off SMS password delivery if identity management and compliance is not issue in your jurisdiction.
  • You can turn on or off the display of your own logos, texts, marketing messages or instructions and many more

Choose From Built-in Skins (Website Look and Feel) or Let Us Create a Customised Layout and Design For You

  • We offer multiple skin options so you can select a design for your start pages.
  • You can add your own logo, marketing messages and instructions.
  • You can replace the Chillifire logos easily on the pages that your customers see (requires a very low admin fee)
  • We can create your own custom skin with your own design, layout, logo and colour scheme
  • You can even use your own domain name so the service will look as if it is your own.
    (This requires becoming a Chillifire partner)

Integrate Your Hotspot With Your Own Website

  • Use your own Splash Page (the first page the customer sees when he connects to your hotspot and opens a browser) to drive hotspot users to your business, with a link to the hotspot start page.
  • Open up certain pages of your choice that hotspot users can access without having purchased Internet access. This can be used to allow free access to your own website(s) and other useful pages.
  • You can set a custom landing page that users will be redirected to once they have gained Internet access and have been logged on. Again, this can be your own web page or another page of your choice.

Web-Based Control Panel

  • Log in to the Control Panel from anywhere in the world. You don't have to be at the physical location as you can access the management tools via the Internet.
  • Separate different hotspot locations with sub-accounts to your account, each with their own customisation and pricing, if required.

Remote Hotspot Management

  • You can list all of your hotspot locations, and all installed routers.
  • Each router sends a signal, known as a heartbeat, to our server hourly, so you can see that the router is working correctly.
  • You can log into hotspots that are connected remotely to change router settings and configurations from wherever you are in the world..
  • You can monitor your router's performance (CPU, Internet connection, WiFi connection, etc.) in graphical form.
  • You can also list users who are currently logged in to your hotspot.
  • You can change prices, add new pricing plans, or change marketing messages and advertisements for your business quickly and easily via your account configuration on Chillifire’s website.

Real-Time Transaction Reports

  • Follow your credit card sales and voucher usage as they happen.
  • See users' details, purchase amounts, transaction dates and the location of purchases.
  • Transactions can be filtered and exported in CSV format for analysis in spreadsheets.
  • You are informed of transactions via email so you can easily follow hotspot activities.

User Search and Usage Information

  • You can find out how many times a user logged in, how much time he/she spent online, how much traffic he/she downloaded and uploaded.
  • You can also see the MAC address of their computer, the IP address they logged in from, and (if SMS based password delivery has been activated) their mobile phone number.

Manage Your Hotspot Vouchers

  • Order Hotspot Vouchers as they are required.
  • List unused vouchers that can still be redeemed by your hotspot customers.

Supporting EU and Other Jurisdictions’ Anti-Terrorism Laws

  • Directive 2006/24/EC requires any service providers to store and keep logs about their users who use Internet services for at least 6 months but no longer than 2 years.
  • In short the system has to establish the user's identity, store login information, and record usage times and Internet services accessed.
  • In the US, Australia and various other countries similar laws exist obliging Internet Service Providers to keep records of Internet usage.
  • Our system is complies with this directive as it stores this information in a secure location, protecting privacy rights of hotspot users while making their usage of your Hotspot fully traceable. As this directive does not apply to all jurisdictions, it can be switched on or off per hotspot.
  • The system establishes an identity of the hotspot user either through the use of a payment gateway or by forcing users to register with their mobile phone before they can use the hotspot (optional feature based on SMS based password delivery).
  • The SMS based password delivery is required to fully comply with this directive in case of Voucher based access or free online registrations. Recording an email address, the IP address or the MAC address of a device alone is not enough to establish an identity.
  • We cannot provide legal advice or assurance that the records kept by Chillifire meet your local legislation's legal requirements, but given our record keeping and identity solution our service goes further than any other hotspot service.
  • Please feel free to enquire about particular Internet tracing aspects if you have specific questions regarding the support of your country’s legislation.

Block Peer-to-Peer Sharing Networks to Limit Potential Copyright Infringement

  • Peer-to-peer sharing networks are a great way to share files and data fast with a lot of people. Unfortunately they are also used to share copyrighted material without the express permission of the creator.
  • Our service allows you to block your hotspot from using peer-to-peer sharing services of your choice.

Web Content Filtering for Sensitive Hotspot Locations

  • You may or may not care what web pages your hotspot users access. However, in certain scenarios such as church or temple based community hotspots, schools or various under age facilities, access to adult or gambling content for example is undesirable.
  • Our service allows you to apply content filters for such usages (Requires a router with 8MB flash memory or more).

Secondary Operator Support Through Sub-Accounts

  • You can create sub-accounts for the owner of the location (if you don't operate the hotspot directly) or simply to separate your hotspot income streams.
  • You can list all of your hotspot sub-accounts representing different locations, and all routers installed. You can add an unlimited number of locations as sub-accounts to your account (even a combination of Pay-Per-Use and Free-Access sub-accounts).
  • You can grant access for them (??) to specific locations so they can check basic transaction information. The permission level of each sub-account can be set so you can define which information the sub-account holder can see.
  • If you allow vouchers to access your hotspot you can provide the secondary operators the facility to purchase pre-paid vouchers providing you immediate income.

Multi-Language Start Pages

  • Your hotspot Start pages are available in multiple languages including Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.
  • We will add more languages in the near future as requested by you, and you can also translate the pages easily to your own language.

Router Alert

  • Chillifire monitors your hotspot routers 24/7 and alerts you if something is wrong. You can also check the system load anytime so you will know when your hotspot is overloaded and needs to be extended.

Mobile Phone Support

  • Users with 3G and/or WiFi enabled mobile phones can easily use a Chillifire hotspot.
  • All is required on the mobile phone is a working built-in browser to authenticate. Additional software is not required..
  • We have tested this feature successfully with Apple iPhone, iPad, and modern RMI Blackberry devices.

Router Range Extension

  • You can extend the range of your router through the use of repeaters, which will literally repeat and amplify the hotspot signal.
  • These repeaters are connected wirelessly to the main hotspot and depending on the router and antennas used may be quite some distance from the actual hotspot - sometimes kilometres apart.

Blacklist Devices

  • Devices that abuse your system or are otherwise undesirable from your point of view can be blacklisted and are thus barred from using your hotspot.

Whitelist Devices

  • You can whitelist devices (typically your own devices) to bypass the hotspot login and have access to the Internet without login.

Second Private SSID

  • You can set up a second private and encrypted SSID (The SSID is the name of your wireless network a client looking for a hotspot will see) for your private use. This is useful if the Hotspot not just used by the public but is also for your own private use.

Not Just For Wi-Fi

  • The system is not made for Wi-Fi only. You can easily connect desktop computers or kiosks so people without laptops can also use your internet hotspot.
  • Our system is a simple solution that makes starting an Internet Cafe or running an Internet Kiosk simple..


  • You can choose from three different plans based on the forecasted number of users of your Free-Access Hotspot service.
  • Each package is available with or without SMS based password delivery.
  • Chillifire grants a free trial period of 10 days. Subscription payments are only drawn 10 days after a subscription is established. If a subscription is within the 10 day period no funds will be drawn.
  • We also offer a totally free community edition for hotspots with 10 or less users per month. Enough to share your hotspot with your house mates, your neighbours or your kids.
  • The different pricing packages are:
Pricing for Free Access Hotpots
Community Hotspot Hotspot Free 60 Hotspot Free 300 Hotspot Free 600 Hotspot Free 60 SMS Hotspot Free 300 SMS Hotspot Free 600 SMS
Monthly subscription FREE USD 6.90 USD 19.90 USD 29.90 USD 9.90 USD 29.90 USD 49.90
Users per month 10 60 300 600 60 300 600
Voucher based login (optional) cross tick tick tick tick tick tick
Online registration based login (optional) tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
Additional users cross USD 0.35 / user USD 0.25 / user USD 0.10 / user USD 0.45 / user USD 0.35 / user USD 0.20 / user
SMS based password delivery cross cross cross cross tick tick tick
Free trial period n/a 10 days 10 days 10 days 10 days 10 days 10 days

Payment of Fees

  • Subscription fees are payable quarterly in advance after the initial trial period has ended.
  • We will calculate any extra fees for additional users at month end and send you an invoice - either via PayPal or via another payment channel you nominate.
  • Fees are payable to Chillifire within 10 days of receiving the invoice.

Additional Services

  • Replacing the Chillifire logo, the Chillifire hotspot name (the title visible on the browser tab or frame), and the Chillifire favicon (a little 16x16 pixel logo that is showing in the browser tab or frame) can be activated for a fee of USD 20.
  • SMS Messages to clients to deliver login details are included in the SMS supported packages.