Solution Overview

Create your own Pay-per-Use or Free-Access Hotspot service today!

Why choose Chillifire over other operators? Look at These Great Chillifire Features:

Extra Income Source or Additional Marketing Channel

  • You can choose to charge Hotspot users for Internet access, or you can use the Chillifire Hotspot as an additional marketing channel, informing customers of your services and offering.
  • Attract customers to your location by advertising free Internet access.

Risk Free

  • No start-up or setup fees! No license fees! No special hardware required! No commitment to long term plans or contracts!
  • You simply pay a small percentage share of the revenue you make from your customers using Chillifire Pay-per-Use Hotspots. If you are not earning revenue from them, you don’t need to pay Chillifire anything.
  • 10 day free trial period for both Pay-per-Use and Free-Access Hotspots.

No Waiting for Funds. Receive your Revenue immediately

  • We are the only hotspot service provider that allows you to link your own PayPal,, or Moneybookers accounts. With other providers you have to wait until after month end to have your refunds appear in your account, and need to pay bank fees and possibly suffer currency conversion losses when the funds are finally transferred to you. With Chillifire any revenue achieved goes directly to your account.

Use of SMS Messaging for Password Delivery, Support and Marketing

  • Using Chillifire Hotspots in combination with SMS messaging provides you with a whole new marketing channel.
  • Chillifire is the only Hotspot service that has the ability to deliver log on passwords via SMS (text messaging).
  • Your customers can receive log on details to their mobile phone regardless of where your Hotspot is located and regardless of where their mobile phone originates from.
  • You can add your own messages to the SMS providing information about your business, or use the hotspot to collect contact details of existing or potential customers for your business.

Fully Customisable Service

  • Switch Hotspot functions on and off per Hotspot location as you require.
  • Define your own pricing and access packages to suit your market and your available broadband speeds.
  • Currency and prices can be set to anything you choose as can the duration, speed and data limit of the packages.
  • Prices, access packages and currency can be different in different locations.
  • Allow guest access to your hotspot to attract customers to your business.
  • Set up periodic plans that allow you to operate like a proper ISP.
  • Login pages currently translated into 10 languages. Add your own language with ease.

Easy Setup in Just a Few Minutes

  • Our software is running on many consumer grade and ISP grade routers.
  • No computer is required on site to operate the Hotspot.

Your own Look and Feel

  • Customise the hotspot web pages by adding your own logo, marketing message and instructions.
  • Select a colour scheme and layout to match your business.
  • Even replace our logo with your own for a small one-off fee.
  • Or become a full Chillifire partner and you can remove the Chillifire copyright notice in the footer, use your own domain name to reach the login pages and transact as an independent business (see details on partnering with Chillifire).

Centralised Chillifire Control Panel

  • Centralised hotspot billing and management software with multi-location, multi-payment gateway and roaming support running in your local currency.

Compare Our Hotspot Service Options

We have a number of Hotspot services. Below is a quick feature overview and comparison. Click on the plan you are interested in to view more detail.

  Free Community Service Hotspot Out of the Box Free-Access Hotspot Pay-per-Use Hotspot Partner with Chillifire** Notes
Core Hotspot Features
Set your own acceptable use policy, terms of reference and enforce their accceptance.  
Limit duration of access, data usage, and speed  
Set your own prices and currency n/a n/a  
Issue and print login vouchers  
Allow guest access for a limited time to entice Hotspot use  
Number of Hotspot users per month 10 Unlimited as per subscription* Unlimited Unlimited * subscriptions for 60, 200 or 500 users per month available
Sub-accounts to separate traffic and income stream by Hotspot location  
Centralised Hotspot control panel  
White label control panel for secondary operators  
Features in Detail Read more... Read more... Read more... Read more... Read more...  
Payment Solutions
Link your own PayPal account to your Chillifire Hotspot n/a n/a This option is a premium feature.
Link your own credit card charging account n/a n/a  
Link your own Moneybookers credit card charging account n/a n/a  
Features in Detail Read more... Read more... Read more... Read more... Read more...  
Look and Feel
 Customise the look and feel of your Hotspot  
Add your own logo, marketing message, and instructional text  
Replace the Chillifire logo and Hotspot name with your own This option is a premium feature.
Completely rebrand the Hotspot as your own Remove Chillifire copyright notice in footer, link login page to your own domain name, link your own Google Statistics ID, etc.
Features in Detail Read more... Read more... Read more... Read more... Read more...  
SMS Message based password delivery  
Built in Firewall

Peer-to-Peer Traffic Filter  
Second encrypted and password protected wireless network for your own private use  
Active Broadband  
Compatible Router We provide a Chillifire pre-loaded plug-in-and-go router View a list of compatible routers
24/7 Technical Support Check out or support pages
Features in Detail Read more... Read more... Read more... Read more... Read more...  
* Premium features can be released for a one-time 20 USD fee.
** Becoming a Chillifire partner attracts an administration fee of USD 200. This admin fee is waived if you transfer an existing Hotspot business with more than USD1000 turnover per month to Chillifire, or achieve USD1000 turnover per month after 3 months of taking up partner status.