Solution in Detail - Become a Chillifire Partner

Start Your Own Hotspot Business Today!

On this page we give you an overview of our Chillifire Partner option that comes in addition to the normal hotspot plans. But there is so much more to discover.
Testing Chillifire is free and carries no obligation. Take our system for a test drive and

Become a Chillifire Partner and Run Your Own Independent Hotspot Business

  • Under our normal Pay-per-Use or Free-Access hotspots plans you can run successful Wifi hotspots. You can have as many fully-configured routers linked to your Chillifire account as you like. In that sense every user of the Chillifire service is a partner and we value your business and feedback.
  • However, you may like to consider partnering with us to take your hotspot business to a new level and run it completely under your own brand. Partnering with us gives a number of additional features:
    • In addition to PayPal you can link your own Moneybookers and/or accounts (non-partners can link their own PayPal account only) giving you more reputable credit card charging facilities;
    • You can have the entire customer experience completely branded with your logos, colours and look and feel with no reference to Chillifire in the footer. This is an option called 're-skinning' enabling you to market your hotspots as wholly your own. If you wish we can also provide a solution that uses your own domain name in the URL (instead of the domain), and removes the copyright notice in the footer, thus not referencing Chillifire at all.
    • You can add your own Google-Analytics ID, to analyse your hotspot traffic;
    • You can add additional menu items to your hotspot like 'About Us', or a tab with 'Free links', to advertise your own or other web pages and services that people can access without having to be logged in;
    • You can resell the Free-Access hotspots and set the pricing scheme for their monthly subscriptions. Reselling Free- Access hotspots is not available to non-partners.
  • And if you would like to take things even further, for example supply a hotspot solution to hundreds of locations, then anything goes in terms of the solution specifications and the system we can build for you. You can have your own system on dedicated servers, in locations you choose. We will estimate the traffic that we have to support for you and custom design a solution in terms of system performance and resilience.
  • We are currently working on setting up a stand-alone version of our management software on a Linux server.
    Please contact us via our support form if you would like to learn more
  • Becoming a partner is easy and is only USD 200.
  • Once you have set up your Chillifire account, you can go into the Chillifire Control Panel, access the Account Control screen and purchase your Partner Status.

Preferentail Pricing for Partners

  • Chillifire will charge revenue share for the commercial use of its hotspot management service including the Chillifire infrastructure and control panel.
  • To our partners we offer a preferential revenue share arrnagement for pay-per-use hotspot and reduced rates for free-access hotspots.
  • For Pay-per-Use Hotspots the revenue share will depend on your volume of revenue earned within a calendar month from all Chillifire hotspots that are owned or managed by your Chillifire account..
  • The fee structure for pay-per-use routers is as follows:
  • Revenue share for Chillifire pay-per-use hotpots
    Revenue per month in US$ 0-100 100-200 200-400 400-800 800-1600 more than 1600
    Chillifire share 20% 18% 16% 14% 12% 10%
  • Yes, this means you will keep up to 90% of the revenue. We guarantee there is no other service with a lower revenue share system. You will find our competitors charge 50% or more.
  • The fee structure for free-acess routers is as shown here, minus 10% discount from the first free-access hotspot you install. Once you have installed more than 50 free-access routers you will qualify for a 20% discount of the prices shown in this table