What is Chillifire?

What is Chillifire?

Chillifire is a hotspot management system that allows you to set up and run a professional looking hotspot within a few minutes.

What sets Chillifire apart from other comparable services?

For one Chillifire allows a high degree of customisation to suit your specific needs. For example, you can choose whether you charge hotspot users for access or not. If you do charge you can link your own credit card payment accounts (currently supported are PayPal, 2Checkout.com and Moneybookers, others can be linked on request) and receive your hotspot revenue instantly. No waiting until a revenue threshold is received, no loss in currency conversion or bank transfer fees. There is no other hotspot management service providing you with this option.

You can change the look and feel of your hotspot with a personalised colour scheme, logos and add your own text for marketing purposes and communication to hotspot users. You can even replace the domain name chilllifire.net with your own, remove copyright notices from the footer and run the hotspot completely as your own business without any visible reference to Chillifire.

Which leads us to the next point of differentiation. We are actively seeking partnerships with entrepreneurial minded people, who want to provide a telecommunications service as their own, stand-alone business. We specifically welcome Internet Service Providers (ISPs), restaurant or cafe chains, petrol stations, and municipal services like libraries to use our systems. With a system as flexible as ours all specific business  needs can be accommodated.

We are certainly innovators in our field. A latest example is our SMS (text message) based password delivery, a unique feature with a number of benefits. SMS based password delivery can be used to establish the positive identity of voucher users or guest users. This is required in jurisdictions which fall under the EU Directive 2006/24/EC to track access and keep access logs of any Internet access. This feature can also be used for marketing purposes as well, to record and confirm contact details of current and prospective customers, and members of membership based organisations.

A Chillifire hotspot, as well as enabling you to create a source of revenue from a broadband connection, , is a very powerful local marketing channel that can draw customers and prospects to your business and make them return again and again. You can enforce face-to-face contact by allowing access only through vouchers, but you can also allow free guest access, redirecting potential customers to your business website and online marketing channels. All these options can be configured and combined to suit your exact needs. Contact us for  a free consultation on how to turn your broadband connection into a successful marketing channel.

At Chillifire we go to to great lengths to make our control panel as well as the firmware (the software running on the router itself) as intuitive as possible. All Chillifire applications are created with a user interface that makes all of the core functions easily accessible and simple to use for anyone who can perform basic tasks on a PC.

You may be interested to learn that Chillifire also provides a free community edition of our hotspot solution. For free-access hotspots with 10 or fewer distinct users per month we do not charge any subscription or other fees. This is enough to share your broadband with your neighbours, flatmates, or kids, while retaining some degree of access control to enforce reasonable use.

Do you have any more questions? Perhaps some specific requirements you would like to see implemented? Do you want to start your own hotspot business or turn your broadband connection into an effective marketing channel?

We would love to hear from you today!

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